About me

Have you ever felt uncertain in life with no sense of what your life amounts to? I was there too.

Did you know we are all born with intuitive abilities that can help us with the uncertainty in our lives, but as we grow older, we are conditioned not to follow our intuition as much?

As I said, everyone is born with intuitive abilities; I thrived with my intuition as a child and was very drawn to the mystical side of life.
I remember watching Psychic Medium Sylvia Browne, thinking she was such an amazing and unique person that it lit something inside me that made me want to connect with the spirit world.

But as you get older, society tries to mold you to conform to what everyone is doing. I pushed the mystical part of me down as I graduated high school, got my bachelor's degree, worked a 9-5 job as a social worker, got married, and had kids. Yet, something was yearning inside of me that wasn't being fulfilled.

It wasn't until January 2020 - I lost one of the most important individuals in my life, my grandfather. Growing up without my father, my grandfather took on that role, and we were very close, so losing him made me feel like a part of me got taken away; I cried for months feeling the void of one of my favorite people no longer being in my life.
Not to mention, 2020 was the time of the major COVID-19 shutdowns - and I was dealing with a loved one hitting rock bottom with their addiction which also took an emotional toll on me, and my relationships started crumbling. I thought to myself; I felt so lost with no sense of purpose and uncertain about what my life was amounting to; I wasn't even taking care of myself then and fell into a deep depression.

In June of 2020, I decided to have a mediumship reading to connect with my grandfather; it was the most eye-opening experience I have had that relit that flame inside of me that I had as a child with my interest in the spiritual world and what existed outside of our physical reality. The medium who later became a good friend and mentor of mine gave me so much evidential information that was so specific that you would have had to know my grandfather personally to know this information, from the way he passed away to her personality and mannerisms to the items he gave other loved ones and me before he passed away.

After that, I started learning more about the spiritual world and doing workshops and mentorship to practice and deepen my knowledge of these esoteric and metaphysical concepts - this was when I knew that this would be a more significant part of my life, leading me into my life purpose, helping others connect and bring closure that their loved ones who passed away are still with them, as well as intuitively gaining knowledge to help someone through unfavorable situations!

These mentorships and all of my learnings brought me to today, using my intuition to assist others in finding solutions to their struggles and connect with loved ones on the other side to bring comfort and peace of mind that their loved ones who passed away are still very much a part of your life, and expanding my business into herbalism to help people with physical aliments find healing and comfort with the therapeutic holistic methods I create.