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East Coast Shaman

Spiritual Consulting Session

Spiritual Consulting Session

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Experience profound transformation with our Spiritual Consulting Session – a comprehensive approach to navigating life's challenges and unlocking your spiritual potential.

Unlike basic intuitive readings, our session delves deep into the heart of your personal or spiritual dilemmas. Prior to our meeting, you'll complete an insightful intake form, which will help us pinpoint the root of your challenges. Your journey towards enlightenment begins with us thoroughly understanding your unique circumstances.

During our session, I channel intuitive energies, utilizing spiritual tools like tarot and oracle cards and automatic writing to offer profound insights and guidance. This holistic approach goes beyond mere divination, empowering you to make informed decisions and embrace transformation. 

Zoom sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes.

As a bonus, I often provide digital downloads such as customizable planners and workbooks tailored to your needs. These resources serve as invaluable companions on your journey, helping you manifest your desires and maintain focus.

Even if you opt for an email reading, rest assured my spiritual connection transcends physical presence. With intention as my guide, I deliver laser-focused insights spanning 3-5 pages, providing clarity and direction right to your inbox.

Please note that while our session offers spiritual guidance, I'm not a legal or medical professional. As such, we ask that you refrain from seeking advice on legal or medical matters during our consultation.

Unlock the power within and embark on a spiritual growth and enlightenment journey with our Spiritual Consulting Session today.

Standard Legal Agreement

These services are for entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice.

Isabelle is not and can not be held accountable for any actions taken by a client.

You must be 18+ years or older to receive a reading by Isabelle.

Refund and Cancelation Policy

To receive a refund for a reading they must be canceled 48 hours prior to your reading.

To receive a refund from the Apothecary items must be unused and undamaged and returned before reciveing a refund.

Please contact Isabelle if you are in need to return a product:

After a reading is completed you can not receive a refund.

All courses and meditations are non-refundable after purchase.


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